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  Good stuff.


These are very well done! Great use of saturation and minimal spacing!

can you name each individual texture on what they actually are as im confused on wat some of them are ment to be

Hey! The more obscure ones can be interpreted in multiple ways. Like weird fruits or magic reagents. But if there's any particular ones you want to know I have no problem sharing more info!

im just wanting to know wat they are supposed to be XD thats all 


Great pack! Would be nice to get the sprites as individual images as well. 


Worth. Thanks

Is there a list of the items somewhere? I actually don't care about the typical stuff like weapons and armor. I am more into unique sorts. Like idk compass, chain, lolipop, soap, map, needle, teddy bear. 


You can send me a exemple ?

Can this set of resources be used commercially?

 Are there any restrictions on the development engine?

dude, i've bought your assets, it's very cool, i love it

ahh.. can i have your color pallete?


Hello! This is Good work.

and I bought your asset, can you update with seperate file?(not atlas)

Thank you. 

ps. you can see my game

Thanks a lot for buying! Appreciate it :)

Not entirely sure what you mean with 'not atlas'. Could you be more specific?

Thanks again!

I mean one by one image

Currently Just one file for all sprite.

Can you provide seperated files?