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Hey! Thanks for checking out my 'HUGE 16x16 Top-down Tileset'!

This pack includes 760+ 16x16 tiles for you to create your own top-down environments! 

Here's what's included in this pack:

  •  760+ polished tiles
    • A wide set of biome tiles:
      • Forest
      • Graveyard
      • Autumn Forest
      • Temple
      • Ice Temple
      • Cave
      • Beach
      • Desert
    • Housing! (Inside and outside, make your own varying interiors!)
    • Objects (Pots, chests, gravestones, mailboxes, bushes etc.)

This pack fits very well with one of my other packs, for if you want to expand even further: https://runninblood.itch.io/16x16-rpg-items. Featuring 275+ 16x16 items!

LICENCE: After buying the pack you are free to use it in both free and commercial projects. You can also edit these sprites to your own liking. Giving me credit is not needed but much appreciated!

You may NOT reupload or re-sell these sprites in any way!

I will happily shout out something you made using one of my packs! Feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message on Twitter!

I hope you like it! Enjoy :)

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GenreRole Playing
Tags16x16, 2D, asset, huge, Pixel Art, runninblood, Sprites, tiles, Top-Down


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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RunninBloods_HUGE_16x16_Top-Down-Tileset.zip 158 kB
RunninBloods_HUGE_16x16_Top-Down-Tileset_V2.zip 556 kB

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hey does this file include the color palette used? cheers

Hey, no it does not

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Hey RunninBlood. This is some really great work! Love the artstyle and execution! :)

Would love for you to include a helper how to use bitmap with the tile. Would make adapting it for autotile much easier.

thats great but ..hw to find caracter animations that will fit in ????

Hey RunninBlood it looks awesome! I'm currently making a game as a gift for my girlfriend but I am using GB studio as I want to play it on a retro console, I'd like to buy this pack but I am limited to 4 color palette sprites, do you have any advice/pointers as to what I should do? maybe there's a way to en-mass change all the colors or something? mhm. Best of luck your art gives me legend of zelda childhood flashbacks :)


A bit late but if you learn programming you can probably write code for it fast. Or you can buy one of the many pixelation tools in Itch.IO


This tileset looks incredible! Great art style that looks like an homage but not a copy of the best top-down GBC games. I had it on my radar for creators’ day but I missed it!

Thanks!! Much appreciated! Im a big fan of GBA/GBC in general so im glad it reminded you of that!


I got it today :D


Any plans for Characters/Enemies in the future?


Gorgeous work!


Wow this is really great. Instantly bought


Beautiful palette and detailed tileset. Really awesome! Purchased!

Do you ever plan to make top-down characters to accompany with this tileset?


Love your style RunninBlood, the details and feel you give to everything is always impressive. Keep it coming !

Thanks a lot! appreciate it a ton! :))


I love it, so many variations of tiles/colors/game feel. You really killed it with this pack, I feel like it could be a complete game.

Thanks a lot! Im really glad you like it :)


Great works!